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Eye Catching FileMaker Messages Using Motion

Many times we're asked by our clients to add alerts or warnings to our solutions so as to make users aware of issues, the arrival of a new order in the system, or some other important event. We developers have ways within FileMaker's feature set to hide or show objects, and make messages more obvious by using conditional formatting.

But what if you need more? There's nothing like a little motion to catch the user's eye.

I came across a technique using jQuery and CSS to add a shaking motion to any object on a web page. Using this technique in a web viewer, provided me a way to add something really eye catching, and maybe a little fun to my important messages.


CSShake provides many different options which you can assign to a shaky object, so you can give your users just the right effect. Feel free to dig into this demo to see how easy it is to add CSShake to a FileMaker solution. If you'd like to learn more about the different options within CSShake, I'd encourage you to visit the GitHub page.


Get The File - ShakingMessages.fmp12 (requires FileMaker Pro 13)

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