FileMaker Color Picker For Your Solutions

Most developers have worked on projects were we need to provide a means to enable the user to set colors. Perhaps to color calendar events, project tasks color a product category. Normally, you might provide a drop down list of colors by name, and then either use conditional formatting or a table of colors to set the color of the desired object.I wanted to ramp things up a bit, by providing a more visual tool to the user. So I modeled a popover button after the same built-in color selector FileMaker provides to set text and object colors.


Eye Catching FileMaker Messages Using Motion

Many times we're asked by our clients to add alerts or warnings to our solutions so as to make users aware of issues, the arrival of a new order in the system, or some other important event. We developers have ways within FileMaker's feature set to hide or show objects, and make messages more obvious by using conditional formatting.

But what if you need more? There's nothing like a little motion to catch the user's eye. Read More...

Add a Developer's Information Panel to your solutions

You can easily add a developer's information panel to your solutions by taking advantage of FileMaker Pro 13's new 'Hide Object' feature. Your panel can be set up to give you, the developer, many different bits of information that you don't need or want your users to see.


Feel free to copy the developer's panel to your solutions. I’d love to hear how you’ve tailored it for your use. Enjoy!

Download the sample file


Entering Time into FileMaker
There's got to be a better way!

FileMaker is very picky when it comes to entering time. Enter the time incorrectly, and FileMaker will happily present you with this nasty little message:

FileMaker Pro

We’re going to write a simple little script which will let your users enter time in a more flexible manner, avoiding this message, which make for happy users, and make you their hero.